Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Python Insider!

Python Insider is the official blog of the Python core development team. It will provide a way for people who don't follow the mailing list to get an overview of topics discussed there, and especially to learn about changes in store for Python. We will be writing about Python-Dev activities such as the recently completed migration to Mercurial hosting, newly approved Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs), API changes, and other major efforts going on in Python core development.

The blog will be an addition to, rather than a replacement for, the python-dev mailing list and individual developer blogs (see the links in the sidebar). It will provide a channel for talking about projects publicly after they are complete, or when they reach a stage where more volunteers are needed. While discussion on the blog is welcomed, we hope that people interested in the topics raised will join the python-dev mailing list and follow the discussion and development directly.

Think of this blog as your window into the evolution of Python.


There are several ways to follow and read Python Insider:

Help Wanted

Although we do have a team of dedicated writers working on posts for the blog, we are looking for someone with web design skills to work on the Blogger template. If you can help us give the blog a face-lift, contact Doug Hellmann (doug dot hellmann at gmail).