Monday, June 1, 2015

Python 3.5.0b2 released

Python 3.5.0b2 is now available for download.

Python 3.5.0b1 had a major regression (see for more information) and as such was not suitable for testing Python 3.5.  Therefore we've made this extra beta release, only a week later.  Anyone trying Python 3.5.0b1 should switch immediately to testing with Python 3.5.0b2.

Python 3.5 has now entered "feature freeze".  By default new features may no longer be added to Python 3.5.  (However, there are a handful of features that weren't quite ready for Python 3.5.0 beta 2; these were granted exceptions to the freeze, and are scheduled to be added before beta 3.)

This is a preview release, and its use is not recommended for production settings.